Utility providers


DHA has engaged with utility providers to deliver ongoing savings and benefits to Defence members and their families. To view the current offers and savings in your area, visit your Online Services dashboard.


Additional benefits from utility providers

Farewell fridge, hello savings! $30 rebate, plus free fridge removal and disposal.

How about an energy saving program that will pay you to save the environment and reduce your electricity bill? With ActewAGL’s fridge Buyback program, they’ll take away your old fridge or freezer, dispose of it responsibly, and give eligible customers a $30 rebate on their next electricity bill.

Running an old appliance adds an average of $200 a year to your power bill and puts 700 kilos of carbon pollution into the environment*. So let ActewAGL take it off your hands, for free, and you can relax and enjoy the savings. Click here to learn more.

Quick facts

  • It’s an ActewAGL program

  • It’s free for ACT residents (not available to NSW residents)

  • Customers can save $230 a year (they can get a $30 rebate on their electricity bill if they’re a customer, plus they save $200/year on fridge running costs)

  • It’s fast and easy to register online

*Estimation sourced from actsmart.act.gov.au and treesforlife.org.au