Base location

Base locations

RAAF Base Tindal

Katherine to RAAF Base Tindal – 17 kilometres


A brief history of the Base

Although only a young base in comparison to other RAAF bases around the country, the history of RAAF Tindal dates back to World War Two. Twenty years after its initial construction as an airfield, restoration of Tindal as a 'bare base' began in 1963 and was completed in 1970. On 1 October 1988 Tindal became an operational base as part of the defence-in-depth policy.

Since 1988, RAAF Base Tindal has continued to grow and plays an integral part of the Katherine community. Within the confines of the base there are a number of units and lodger detachments that employ around 650 personnel both uniformed and civilian. RAAF Base Tindal is also home to the Katherine Deport, Arhnem Squadron, NORFORCE.