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Join in and get a glimpse of what everyday life is like in Katherine by attending a community event, gathering or social club.

Support Services

Katherine and Tindal offer a range of support services:

  • Defence specific services and entitlements including, RLLT, Remote Locality Allowance, SPECMED, chaplaincy for the whole family, Defence Community Organisation.
  • Katherine community services ranging from birth, child, youth, and aged care to financial assistance and crisis care.
  • Business services including, IT needs, accounting, couriers and consultants.
  • Maintenance including, housing services, cleaning, garden maintenance, mechanical needs and repairs.
  • Legal services including, solicitors, conveyancing, JP witnessing, marriage celebrants, public prosecutions.
  • Pastoral care including, AOG, Baptist, Christian Outreach, Seventh-Day Adventist, Catholic and Salvation Army Church groups.
  • Federal Government support services including, Centrelink, CRS, Jobseeker services.

Katherine community pages

These community pages help those who are new to Katherine keep in the loop.