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We've scoured the Internet looking for the best resources to help support your transition into Katherine. Below you'll find everything from local news and events, sporting and recreation facilities, public transport options and a wide range of community groups. If you think something is missing please email communications [at] or dco.communication [at] with your suggestions.

Community pages

News and events

Public transport


Support Services

Katherine and Tindal offer a range of support services:

  • Defence specific services and entitlements including, RLLT, Remote Locality Allowance, SPECMED, chaplaincy for the whole family, Defence Community Organisation.
  • Katherine community services ranging from birth, child, youth, and aged care to financial assistance and crisis care.
  • Business services including, IT needs, accounting, couriers and consultants.
  • Maintenance including, housing services, cleaning, garden maintenance, mechanical needs and repairs.
  • Legal services including, solicitors, conveyancing, JP witnessing, marriage celebrants, public prosecutions.
  • Pastoral care including, AOG, Baptist, Christian Outreach, Seventh-Day Adventist, Catholic and Salvation Army Church groups.
  • Federal Government support services including, Centrelink, CRS, Jobseeker services.

Utility providers

DHA has engaged with utility providers to deliver ongoing savings and benefits to Defence members and their families. To view the current offers and savings in your area, visit your Online Services dashboard.

To save money on your bill check out the Energy-Saving Guide for Northern Australia.