Remote west and far north Queensland


The remote west and far north Queensland region with its perfect ‘winter’ weather, features spectacular sunsets, amazing wildlife and natural landscapes. The friendly communities in the region warmly welcome new residents and invite them to join them in a variety of outdoor sport and hobbies like camping, four-wheel driving and fishing. The region is also a good base to explore the natural wonders of Cape York.

Mt Isa, Thursday Island, Weipa and RAAF Base Scherger

Mount Isa, dubbed the ‘Oasis of the Outback’ is nestled among the ochre-red Selwyn Ranges, on the banks of the Leichardt River. Mount Isa is a bustling melting pot of culture and industry, being home to one of the most productive single mines in the southern hemisphere.The city covers an area of over 43 310 square kilometres, making it geographically the second largest city in Australia to Kalgoorlie-Boulder WA. Mount Isa is a major service centre for North West Queensland, and a thriving city well equipped to satisfy residential, business and industrial needs.

Thursday Island is a welcoming island community located off the northern coast of Cape York Peninsula. The colourful tropical region is home to the Indigenous Torres Strait Islanders whose culture is richin the arts and whose l ifestuyle has evolved from the sea. It is the main island in the Torres Strait region which includes over 20 islands and a population of over 25 000.

Weipa is a mining town on the Gulf of Carpentaria coast of the Cape York Peninsula. Being the largest town in the Cape, Weipais a small but vibrant coastal community in an area rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. It is situated on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula approximately 200 kilometres from the ‘tip’ of Cape York. It is less than 200 kilometres across to the east coast of the Cape and approximately 800 road kilometres and 580 air kilometres from Cairns.

RAAF Base Scherger is located approximately 36 kilometres east of Weipa.  The Base is spread over 13,210 hectares.


Housing assistance review

The annual review of housing assistance for 2019 has been completed by the Department of Defence, with the new rates now published in Online Services. The annual review of service residence and rental allowance contributions involved assessing the national average rent for Defence houses in each rent band, which has resulted in contributions being recalculated based on actual rent changes.

Director Military Conditions and Housing Policy, Derek Cox said providing housing assistance to ADF members was a longstanding policy. "The annual review is undertaken to ensure the Defence requirement of sharing the national cost of housing with members on a 50/50 basis is met each year," Mr Cox said. "The rent band method offers transparency for calculating contribution increases based on actual rental increases rather than forecasts."

Member contributions for living-in accommodation will be adjusted in line with the September 2018 rents and utilities subcomponents of the consumer price index. Casual meal rates and the fortnightly meal contribution will also be reviewed to ensure any revised rates are based on the reasonable recovery of actual national average costs incurred by Defence in providing meals.

The new rates will be reflected in members' salaries in February 2019.



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Mt Isa – 18,899

Thursday Island – 25,000 (over a number of islands)

Weipa – 4,077

RAAF Base Scherger - 4 RAAF Caretaker personnel (Plus dependents) and one contractor.

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