Childcare and schools


Defence childcare centres
Children of mobile Defence families can receive priority of access to Defence childcare centres around Australia. Defence Community Organisation (DCO) also provides individual case management to help parents with childcare placement. For more information click here.  


More childcare resources

There are a number of childcare facilities in Toowoomba. The resources below may help you locate the right childcare service for your family.



Schools with Defence Aides and Mentors

The Defence School Transition Program provides support to children of ADF families, particularly during their transition into and out of a school on posting or during parental absences due to deployment, exercises or courses.

The in-school aides (for primary schools) and mentors (for high schools) are funded by the Department of Defence through DCO (Defence Community Organisation). They are employed as a member of the school staff by respective schools or education systems within each State or Territory.


Primary schools with Defence School Transition Aides (DSTAs)


DCO provides a range of services and resources for Defence children to assist with the transition between schools and education systems when families move, and to provide support for the unique needs of Defence students. You can find information on schooling, including aides and mentors on the DCO website on Education or Your Community pages.


Toowoomba has both public and private schools for all levels. In Queensland, children under six years of age attend preschool, children from six years onwards attend primary school (years 1-7) and children 12 years and over attend high school (years 8-12).


QLD School Terms

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Enrolment Information

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