Sport and recreation

Adelaide sports and recreation

Adelaide is the home of many sports, with the main ones being AFL, soccer, rugby league and rugby union. To get more involved in the Adelaide sports scene, find a club near you or locate a state sporting organisation in SA.

Drive less… it’s easier than you think! These hard copy Cycling and Walking Maps will assist you to make active travel choices in Adelaide’s metropolitan suburbs. You can use the maps to plan safe walking or cycling routes to local shops, parks and services. The maps show bike lanes, local streets and shared use paths, as well as signalled intersections, pedestrian crossings and school crossings to help plan your cycling or walking trip.


Bikedirect is a network of bicycle routes across the Adelaide metropolitan area that was developed to encourage cycling. The Bikedirect maps provide options for people with different needs and abilities and show main roads, bicycle lanes, local streets and off-road paths.

Swimming pools

Take the opportunity to cool off at one of Adelaide’s popular swim centres. Adelaide locals are fortunate to have several swim centres ideal for a casual swim, school excursion or learn-to-swim class.



  • Glenelg – 10 km south west of CBD, swimming beach, marina, shopping, cafes
  • Henley Beach – 12 km west of CBD, swimming beach, eateries, cafes 
  • Semaphore – 17km west of CBD – swimming beach, shops, antiques, cafes
  • Surf beaches – Waitpinga and Bullies near Victor Harbour, Middleton and Goolwa