Community groups and centres

Defence maintains community centres and neighbourhood houses around Australia, where community group meetings or family-orientated activities can be held. Information on community groups and centres in the area is available from Your Community on the DCO website.


Defence Special Needs Support Group
Defence Special Needs Support Group
Defence Special Needs Support Group

The Defence Special Needs Support Group (DSNSG) provides peer support and a range of programs to support Defence families with special needs. DSNSG has coordinators and groups right across Australia including here in Sale.

More info: DSNSG has coordinators and groups right across Australia. To find a coordinator near you visit their website.


**Defence families with special needs**

Defence Community Organisation (DCO) provides practical assistance to Defence families who have dependants with special needs. This assistance especially focuses on reducing the impact of relocations and minimising any interruption to specialist services that the dependant needs.

In order to receive any of the assistance and support services available, you will first need to have your dependant with special needs formally recognised by Defence. Forms and details can be found on the DCO website.


East Sale Family Group Inc.

The East Sale Family Group Inc. was established to enrich the lives of families within the Defence community. Operating out of the Community Centre at RAAF Base East Sale, the family group arranges regular activities and events including playgroup, coffee club, book club and the health and wellbeing group.

More info: Visit their website, eastsalefamilygroup [at] (email), phone (03) 5146 6171 or join their Facebook group.


Loch Sport Community House Inc.

Loch Sport Community House provides services to the local and surrounding communities, including
information and referral services, adult education programs, health and social interests and craft activity interests.

More info: Visit their website, lsch [at] (email) or phone (03) 5146 0145.


Open Arms - Veterans and Families Counselling

Open Arms provides counselling and support services to Australia's military community. If you have served one day of continuous full-time service in the ADF you can call them for support. They also support families, reservists and some peacekeepers. Call Open Arms - Veterans and Families Counselling on 1800 011 046 for free, confidential counselling and group programs to support mental health and wellbeing.

More info: Check out the Open Arms - Veterans and Families Counselling website and group programs.


Sale Neighbourhood House

Sale Neighbourhood House is a community based non-profit organisation which provides a range of affordable adult education and learning opportunities for people living in Sale and surrounding communities. The house currently offers health and wellbeing classes, craft and cooking courses, childcare and many other programs.

More info: Visit their websiteoffice [at] (email) or phone (03) 5144 5747.

Sale West Youth and Community Centre

The Sale West Youth and Community Centre is a great resource at the heart of the Sale West Estate. They offer regular community consultation evenings, free computer-related courses, and regular food, arts and craft days.

More info: Like their Facebook page to get involved and receive regular updates.


Soldier On – ‘Helping our wounded warriors’

Soldier On provides a suite of services and access to partner organisations to meet the needs of our wounded serving and ex-serving men and women so that they can start their journey on their road to recovery. They offer support staff, psychological assistance, links with local services and a support network of other veterans and families.

Soldier On also has Reintegration and Recovery Centres throughout Australia as part of its Reintegration and Recovery Network. These centres are located in Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast.

More info: Visit their website, phone 1300 620 380 or like their Facebook page to find a centre near you and learn how to get involved. Soldier On are always looking for volunteers to fundraise and spread the good word!


Stratford Courthouse Theatre

The Stratford Courthouse boasts a modern 100-seat theatre featuring film and live performances. Adjoining the theatre is the Segue Community Hub and Arts cafe. They also offer acting classes to the theatrically inclined.

More info: Visit their website or phone (03) 5145 6790.


The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia

The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia (PVA) is a nationwide support network for partners of past and present members of the ADF, offering support, friendship, information and understanding. PVA believes there is a great need for support for all partners/carers, widows/widowers and families of Australian veterans, both now and in the future.

More info: Visit their website to connect with your local Victorian branch, or find them on Facebook.