Key contacts in region

DHA - Perth

Location: Unit 43, Level 1 Fremantle Malls, 27-35 William Street, Fremantle WA 6160

Phone: 139 342


DFA - Western Australia Delegate

Defence Families of Australia (DFA) is the official body appointed by government to represent the views of Defence Families. Its aim is to inform government and Defence on the needs of the family. Its goal is to ensure quality of life for all Defence families by providing a recognised forum for their views and by reporting, making recommendations and influencing policy that directly affects families.

Contact: Victoria Dixon

Email: wa [at]


About Victoria
Hello, I'm Victoria Dixon and I am the National Delegate for Western Australia and the Pilbara. I grew up in a RAAF family, and have been a Defence spouse for over 20 years. In that time, my husband and I have moved with our 4 children more than 16 times, including 3 postings overseas. I understand Defence family life, it's my life too!

I hope that under the DFA umbrella, I can make a difference for current and future families who are connected with Defence. If you see a need for change in policy that might improve the lives of Families in Defence, please contact me and I will listen.

DCO - Rockingham

DCO provides assistance for partner’s employment, help with childcare assistance for dependants with special needs, social worker support, support for community groups, help for families during crisis and emergencyeducation support for children and assistance for members leaving the military. Your local DCO office can provide you with local information, access to support and information services, and organises events and get-togethers for Defence families.

Location: 23 Chalgrove Avenue, Rockingham WA 6168


Email: DCO.WA [at]

Phone: (08) 9591 9596


DCO - Pearce

Location: Family Services Centre, RAAF Base Pearce, Bullsbrook WA 6084


Email: DCO.WA [at]

Phone: (08) 9571 7015


Defence Family Helpline
1800 624 608