The Pilbara region features some of the world’s most ancient natural landscapes, dating back two billion years and stretching over 500,000 square kilometres. Often referred to as Australia’s engine room, the Pilbara is also home to a massive mining industry in crude oil, salt, natural gas and iron ore. You can explore the Pilbara’s colonial past in Roebourne, the oldest settlement in the northwest or you can travel inland and experience the unique communities of the rugged outback from Tom Price, the highest town in Western Australia, to Marble Bar, the hottest town in the country. Looking for information on Perth?

Pilbara locations

The Pilbara Regiment is the primary unit and its HQ is located in Karratha at Taylor Barracks.  The Pilbara Regiment depots are located at Port Hedland, Newman, Tom Price, Exmouth, Carnarvon and Geraldton.

  • The City of Karratha located in the Shire of Roebourne. It is estimated that the resident population is approximately 22 170 people.
  • The town of Port Hedland is considered to be a twin town with South Hedland. It has a population of app 14 500 and is the second largest town in the Pilbara region.
  • Exmouth is situated on the tip of the North West Cape. It is one of the few towns that can boast the Range to Reef experience. The shire of Exmouth is located in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia.
  • Carnarvon is a unique location and commonly recognised for its banana plantations, tropical fruits, seafood and warm climate. It is in the heart of the Gascoyne region and is the doorstep of the Indian Ocean
  • Tom Price is situated on the edge of the Hammersley Ranges within the Shire of Ashburton. It has a population of approx. 6000 people. 
  • The town of Newman was established by Mt Newman Mining Co in 1968. Today it has a population of app 7000 people but is on the verge of an expansion phase with the increased demand for iron ore.
  • Geraldton is a major west coast seaport with a population of approximately 40,000 people. Geraldton is an important service and logistics centre for regional mining, fishing, wheat, sheep and tourism industries.

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Housing assistance review

The annual review of housing assistance will be completed next month, with the new rates published early next year. The annual review of service residence and rental allowance contributions involves assessing the national average rent for Defence houses in each rent band. This results in contributions being calculated on actual rent changes.

Director Military Conditions and Housing Policy,  Derek Cox said providing housing assistance to ADF members was a longstanding policy. "The annual review is undertaken to ensure the Defence requirement of sharing the national cost of housing with members on a 50/50 basis is met each year," Mr Cox said. "The rent band method offers transparency for calculating contribution increases based on actual rental increases rather than forecasts."

Member contributions for living-in accommodation will be adjusted in line with the September 2018 rents and utilities subcomponents of the consumer price index. Casual meal rates and the fortnightly meal contribution will also be reviewed to ensure any revised rates are based on the reasonable recovery of actual national average costs incurred by Defence in providing meals.
The new rates will be reflected in members' salaries in February 2019.


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Pilbara region population

Approximately 61,435
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Major Attractions

Karijini National Park, Dales Gorge, Hancock Gorge, Oxer Lookout, Staircase to the moon, Dalgety House Museum, Hamersley Gorge, Yaburara Heritage Trail, Karlamilyi National Park


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Current weather

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